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Minimise the Drop


Dripmise saves water by Turning Off the tap automatically while a person rubs their hand with soap and then Turns On for specific time required to rinse their hand. This model ensures that a person washes their hand for proper duration and conserves the water.

It is a known fact that two third of Earth's land has been covered with water.

The need of water for human survival and conducting day-to-day activities in a country like India, which is ranked second around the globe in terms of its population, has been a matter of concern. 

The United Nation also defines India as a water - stressed region with the per capita availability of water of 1,545 cubic meters and the Asian Development Bank has predicted that by 2030, India will have a water deficit of 50%.

Thus acknowledging the need of the hour and building upon the idea of Samuel Taylor Cambridge's very famous line "water water everywhere and not a drop to drink", we at STAYIVE have designed a smart water conserving tap with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI) . It is an environment friendly equipment which is not only easy to use but also is pocket friendly. 


It is an AI smart timer tap with ultrasonic sensors. The sensors detect the hand and will instruct the microcontroller to start the tap only for 2 seconds to wet the user's hand. Then a time of 20 seconds is been allocated to rub your hands properly with soap and after 20 seconds the tap will again start on its own for 3 more seconds to rinse your hand. The same process will repeat itself whenever it is asked to do so by bringing your hands in range of the sensor. 

Marble Surface

Note: If a tap is left open, it wastes 12 litres every minute. The calculations are done according to the guidelines to wash hands 3-4 times a day. A person takes 5 seconds to rinse their hands and the rest 20 seconds the water is wasted. A household wastes around 80% of water while rubbing soap on the hands.

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