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 Practical Solution to Soil Degradation


Automatic Irrigation System based on Microcontroller which runs through solar energy.



53% of the Crop Failure is due to Inaccurate Climate Analysis and Over-Flooding of Lands.


40% of the Water is lost to Environment due to Poor Irrigation System

As per reports by UN, FAO IPCC and other statistics about 70% of India's population is engaged in  agriculture and allied activities. However agriculture accounts for less than 40% of the national income.

Thus, we can say India is predominantly engaged in agriculture but its contribution to National economy is low in comparison to its engagement. Also, extreme weather events like flood, drought and low precipitation can further decrease the existing contribution as climatic conditions and agriculture are closely interlinked. 

Thus we at STAYIVE have designed an automatic irrigation system based on microcontroller, which runs through solar energy. The system facilitate efficient utilisation of water for irrigation purpose and can be operated with less manpower. It is also compatible with the changing environment, which is very necessary in a country like India having a variety of tropic land.


This is a carefully designed model which is used to replenish the quality of soil. This model works on 2  types of sensors. 
1. Soil moisture sensor - It measures the moisture of the soil and runs the water motor to maintain the moisture content of the soil, if it decreases.
2. Digital humidity and temperature sensor - It reads the temperature, humidity and runs the fan to regulate the temperature of the field, if the temperature rise.
3. Then Arduino reads this output and calculates temperature, humidity.These values are then displayed on the LCD.
4.The module will Send SMS on the phone no. written in coding using the SIM inserted in the Module.

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